Covid-19 Secure Guidelines

Updated 23rd September 2020

In light of the tightening of restrictions yesterday, the following will apply to all walks:


  1. Maximum group numbers of 16


  2. No physical contact (hugging, shaking hands)


  3. No sharing of equipment


  4. Minimum social distancing of 1m (2m is preferable) must be observed between walkers. 


  5. Hand sanitizer must be carried by every walker and used in the event of physical contact eg: helping another walker, climbing over

      stiles, opening gates etc


  6. No sharing of food and drink at any time


  7. Where possible try to avoid car sharing unless with your own household or social ‘bubble’


  8. Do not book onto a walk if you are feeling unwell.


  9. If any walker subsequently feels unwell or has been in contact with another person with symptoms of Covid-19, they must

      self-isolate and contact either Kiran or Roshni so that we may privately inform the rest of the group who walked with that person.


 10. A record of persons walking each week will be kept for 21 days for the purposes of contact tracing. Thereafter it will be destroyed.

The above guidelines have been summarised from a variety of sources including the British Walking Federation, British Mountaineering Club, the Ramblers Association and Government Guidance.